I am pleased to say the clinic is currently OPEN, please contact me so I can access your treatment needs and send you available dates and times. 

To ensure SAFE PRACTICE in the clinic safe-guarding policies have been put in place for treatment rooms and communal areas, covering hygiene, cross contamination, social distancing measures and PPE.
Please call Jenna on 0777 623 4575.

Moving meditation, breath work and mindfulness. One to one live stream and wellbeing studio lessons also now available. See my Qi Gong page for more details.
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Seaweed Therapy Products
Eco 100% natural seaweed face product kit
£39.90 GBP (inc P&P)
Jenna's Botanical Science set contains:
1. Natural seaweed face detox facewash
This product contains a Brown Seaweed
blended with Pink Himalayan Salt.

2. Warm seaweed detox face mask
This formula contains three types of
Seaweeds naturally dried and ground
to a fine powder for effective
absorption and easy application.

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Consumer quotes

“After completing the UK Wild Challenge my lower leg had swollen, looked more like an elephant. The seaweed mud wrap was the first think that actually reduced the swelling and eased the pain. I used it every day for four days - recovered way quicker than expected - now I'm ready for the next challenge.”
See photo David Pollock, Chief Executive, Chess Telecom

“The pain relief was virtually instant - I highly recommend it. The next day very little or no pain was experienced!” After my bath soak, I felt very chilled out and ready for a night's sleep. The relaxed sleep without any pain was evident!” [Medical condition: Painful Arthritic hips with one new hip replacement]
Ray Oddie, Cheshire, UK

“When I feel stressed, I suffer with problem skin, such as spots, red patches and sleepless nights. I used all the products, the cleansing bar daily, seaweed facials weekly and a few bath soaks. After a few weeks my skin was healing, no red patches left. I had silk like soft skin, shinny hair and after my Seaweed bath, the deep sleep was an added bonus. Thank you”
Cindy Parker, Cheshire, UK

“My child has mild eczema, so bath time is a major issue as he dislikes the water. He becomes upset as bathing time results in dry, itchy irritated skin. We then have to apply thick moisturising creams. The seaweed baths have taken the stress out of bath time. My child now loves bath time and his seaweed. His skin is very soft after bath time due to the sap in the seaweed and we have seen an improvement in skin tissue healing. We are now applying the creams less often. Result!”
Judy Robinson, London, UK

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About Jenna Robins BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
‘’My aim was to develop and provide 100% Pure Eco Friendly Seaweed products. I want everyone to enjoy the health benefits of seaweed and experience Traditional Celtic Seaweed Therapies within the comfort of their own home!’’

Jenna Robins, Founder of internet business Karma Clinic & Guru of all things Mind Body & Spirit, Jenna is a Classical TCM Acupuncturist, Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, Seaweed Therapist, Radio chat show host and Columnist, with 20 years clinical experience. Jenna has tried and tested her pure seaweed products on clients in clinic with positive results!

The Karma Clinic website: Launched in August 2006, with the aim to introduce Jenna's clinics, treatments, articles and products. Jenna Robins of Karma Clinic will inform you of complementary health treatments and products that are active and effective!

Jenna Robins is available for TCM Acupuncture and Deep Tissue Massage Treatments in clinic. Go to for more information about Jenna's clinic days and locations.
Karma Clinic Seaweed Products
100% natural
Contain NO artificial ingredients or preservatives
Eco Friendly
Hand Harvested

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