I recommend my pure seaweed therapy self help kit and treatments for pain relieve, inflammation, sports injuries, muscular tension, skin problems, sleeping and stress. I do not recommend you stop taking any prescribed medication you may be on; this seaweed treatment can be used safely along side any medication.

Jenna Robins - Founder of Karma Clinic

Please read some of the comments received regarding my treatments and the Karma Clinic Pure Seaweed Therapy Kit.

Client: Raymond Oddie from Cheshire, England, UK
Medical condition: Arthritis in left hip. New hip replacement recently fitted.

Q. Physiological and physical complaints?
A. I had severe pain and restrictions in movement after the hip replacement and my recovery was slow due to severe pain in the thigh above the left knee.

Q. How many seaweed baths have you had?
A. Eight.

Q. Did you enjoy the seaweed bath and the hot seaweed joint wrap experience?
A. It was a very relaxing experience.

Q. Did you feel relaxed after your Pure seaweed bath soak?
A. I felt very chilled out and ready for a night's sleep. The Relaxed sleep without any pain was evident!

Q. Did you feel instant health benefits form the bath and joint wraps?
A. The pain relief was virtually instant - I use this alternative treatment rather than using pain killing tablets.

Q. How did you feel the next day?
A. I felt recovered, partly because of such a good relaxed night's sleep. Very little or no pain was experienced.

Q. Any improvement to your skin?
A. At 58 any improvement in the skin is appreciated, and yes, I felt my skin texture was more silky and smoother than usual.

The seaweed bath is highly recommended for giving pain relief and also a good night's sleep.

The seaweed wrap takes away pain without the fear of side effects as encountered with the use of other pain relieving drugs.

Many pregnant women have relaxing seaweed bath soak treatments, to soothe muscular tension and obtain vitamin and mineral nourishment, reducing back pain. Karma Clinic recommends pregnant women have a warm seaweed bath rather than a very hot bath to prevent their body temperature from overheating.

If in doubt or if you have a medical condition please consult your GP.